Welcome to the first issue of The Painting Imperative, the new quarterly online magazine discussing the best of contemporary painting from around the world.

In each issue we will look at the work made by today’s painters; we will be critical and appreciative, highlight their successes, problems and inspirations, and hopefully give you a taste of what’s going on in the studios and galleries of contemporary practitioners. The Painting Imperative also aims to become a platform for emerging critical voices, and to spread the word about the huge diversity of painting practice alive today.

Yes, in a world of mixed and multi media, painting still lives. It has continued to grow within contemporary visual arts practices to combine concept with craft, even though it is often unheralded and overlooked. The thing is, painters will always paint, and even in the tentative steps of this new-born magazine we get a feel for its wide reach. In this issue we take a look at artists of all generations from Japan, USA, Ireland and UK who choose paint as the means for their specific creative ends; all engaged and engaging. Ayako Rokkaku gives us a glimpse of her hands on approach to her practice, Charles Tyrrell puts us in the picture about his recent body of work, we pay tribute to a master of figuration Lucian Freud, and we sample a slice of the Big Apple’s Chelsea art district.

The Painting Imperative is in its infancy, it hopes to have a long and happy life bringing you articles, reviews and information on what’s currently happening in the paint-pot of contemporary art. So please bear with us as we grow and come back for Issue 2 when we will be having a look at two important painting icons, Gerhard Richter and René Daniels, along with international exhibition reviews, artists’ interviews, exhibition listings and our special technical column Paintologically Speaking.

All of this comes to you from The Painting Imperative’s dedicated team of contributors, who have put considerable time, effort and faith into this project simply because, like you, they love painting!

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