The Lumen Prize

The Lumen Prize is the world’s first global prize for ­­digitally created fine art. It was launched this month in London spearheaded by the Treberfydd Foundation.  Leading academics, artists and critics  are backing the initiative that will select works from entrants around the world and launch a 4 month long touring exhibition to venues worldwide in 2013.

The opportunities digital art creates to cross boundaries, both conceptual and literal, are enormous.  We are only just beginning to explore the space for work beyond the usual art hegemonies,” explains Jonathan Kearney, Course Director for MA Visual Arts, at the University of the Arts London and special advisor to the Lumen Prize.

Organised by a group of experts and professionals from The British Museum, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York University, National Portrait Gallery and Financial Times, and includes Lord Stevenson, former Chancellor of the University of the Arts and Ivor Davies, President of the Royal Cambrian Academy, it aims to promote digital fine art on a global scale.

The Lumen Prize will seek entries from all parts of the world at US$40 for 2 submissions but will accept entries at no cost from eight conflict zone countries, including Afghanistan, DR Congo, and Southern Sudan. Proceeds from the competition, after costs, will go to support the vital work of Peace Direct, a global charity that supports local peacebuilders in conflict zones worldwide.

Call for Entries is now open and closes on 31st July 2012 and winners will be announced in October 2012. The winners and 50 short-listed entries will tour to venues around the world in Spring 2013.

Lumen CEO, Carla Rapoport talks more about the prize here.